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Verity for Cloud:

Advanced IBN orchestration platform

Verity for Cloud: Advanced IBN orchestration platform
For SONiC-powered data centers and clouds
Verity for Cloud orchestrates and manages Day 0 to Day N lifecycle operations, eliminating architecture and configuration complexities through automation. Data center provisioning and implementation are greatly accelerated with the continuously verified assurance that switching configurations are optimized for performance, reliability, and security.
Verity for Cloud helps you

Design and deploy SONiC data center underlay/overlay networks in minutes, not days or weeks

Import and migrate brownfield data centers with ease

Maximize network operations by streamlining spine/leaf configuration policy management

Manage networks with fewer and less-skilled networking staff

Automation and assurance

Network policy is created once and automatically pushed to spines/leafs

Collects and displays single or multi-tenant data center network performance, health and security metrics

Builds a real-time inventory and topology of the data center network and connected servers

RESTful API data sharing capabilities for easy third-party network management tool integrations

Data center and cloud management benefits

No need to learn complex SONiC NOS command-line syntax

Real-time and historical network statistics/telemetry

Network configuration rollbacks

Guarantees consistent network configuration policy across all switches

Supported SONiC Distributions

Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies

Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Broadcom

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