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Verity for SONiC

Advanced IBN orchestration platform for SONiC networks

Verity simplifies the design, build and operation of a SONiC-powered network with automation and observability. Easily integrate multiple hardware vendors, upgrade SONiC software packages, and deploy perfect device configurations in a modern UI or with a unified set of fabric APIs.

SONiC used to be challenging

Multiple software distributions with differing methods of programmability

Complicated initial configuration and ongoing software maintenance

Non-traditional configuration syntax and nuances

Time consuming daily operations and troubleshooting

Now SONiC is easy

Verity helps SONiC network operators

Automated Configs

ZTP, NOS upgrades, config rendering

Multivendor Support

Verity does it all

Advanced Observability

Telemetry, trending, alerts, notifications

The latest features

RoCEv2, PoE, and more

Supported SONiC Distributions

Dell Technologies

Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies

Edgecore Networks

Enterprise SONiC Distribution by EdgeCore


Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Broadcom

Linux Foundation

Community SONiC (Linux Foundation)

For more information, download the Solution Brief

Verity for SONiC Solution Brief
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