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Verity for AI Networks

Advanced IBN orchestration platform for AI ethernet infrastructure

Verity orchestrates and manages Day 0 to Day N lifecycle operations, eliminating architecture and configuration complexities through automation. Ethernet fabric provisioning and implementation are greatly accelerated with the continuously verified assurance that switching configurations are optimized for performance, reliability, and security.

Verity helps AI infrastructure operators:

Design and deploy a multi-tenant AI network fabric in minutes

Automatically deploy AI network best practices and protocols

Validate and verify the operational state of the Infrastructure in real time

Integrate your generative AI application stack with network operations

Verity Benefits

No need to learn complex SONiC NOS command-line syntax

Real-time and historical network statistics/telemetry

Network configuration rollbacks

Guarantees consistent network configuration policy across all switches

For more information, download the Solution Brief

For more information, download the Use Case Verity for AI Network Infrastructure
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