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Verity for Campus Edge

Centralized campus edge orchestration and automation for single and multi-vendor networks

Verity for Campus Edge removes the challenges of managing complex single- and multi-vendor networks through advanced error-free automation, network intent validation, and end-to-end visibility. Acting as a unified network source of truth (NSoT), Verity guarantees that network configurations are consistent from switch to switch and accelerates move/add/change configurations with the highest degree of accuracy.
Verity for Edge helps you

Design and deploy greenfield networks with unified network and network security policies

Continuously validate the current state of the edge network against the intended state

Centralize the management of brownfield networks to easily audit and remediate misconfigured switches and switch interfaces

Gain the most value out of network equipment with less staff resources

Easy to deploy and integrate

Simplified deployment options on-premises or in the cloud

Builds a real-time inventory of the network edge hardware and connected devices

Collects and stores network performance, health and security metrics

RESTful API data sharing capabilities for easy third-party network management tool integrations

NetOps management benefits

No need to learn multi-vendor CLI

Network configuration rollbacks

Real-time and historical network statistics

Guarantees consistent network configuration policy across all switches

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Use Case PDF Download Verity for Edge - Delivering the Benefits of SDN to Legacy LAN Estates
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