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Rebranding Thoughtfully – More Than Just a Name

After four successful years we decided to name our “baby”-the first true software-defined local area network management and orchestration platform (SD-LAN). Our team had been passionately focusing on building the SD-LAN category and developing a superior technology, that it made sense for us to wait to capture the true essence of the SD-LAN brand. Today, there are a few companies that use the term SD-LAN, though very few deserve to use it. SD-LAN is a software solution that is totally vendor agnostic, and most of the so-called SD-LANs in the market are vendor specific solutions. As one of the pioneers in this space, we are happy that many are using the term, and we truly differentiate ourselves from the vendor-specific solutions.


The new name we chose for our solution is Verity Edge, the English version of the Latin word Veritas, meaning truth. Our Truth is the ultimate Network Source of Truth (NSoT) for enterprise networks, a Gartner term that focuses on network automation and security.


The word Edge signals that we are not going to stop at revolutionizing only edge and enterprise networks, and our sights are on other areas requiring a smart and autonomous network orchestrator for switching fabrics.


We are super excited about our solution’s new name and the other developments and opportunities the future might bring. Stay tuned for more updates!

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